About UsAbout Us

About Us

JUSEDA was established
for the purpose of enhancement of economic and social relationship
between Japan and Republic of Uganda.

Our business

  1. Activity for promoting economic development and revitalization in Japan and the Republic of Uganda
  2. Research and development on environment, sanitation and education in Japan and the Republic of Uganda
  3. Sharing information and survey on companies, economics, technology etc. in Japan and the Republic of Uganda
  4. Consulting business for such as resources (e.g. environment, water, underground, etc.), education, medical (water, sanitation etc.) project etc.
  5. Business accompany or related to the business of 1.- 4.

Our business

We provide our member companies with services
such as information, investigation and support related to our activity.

information, investigation and support

We also support Official Ugandan event in Tokyo.
in Tokyo
  • We support to arrange Breakfast meeting in Tokyo
    when President Museveni visited Japan on September 11th, 2015.

    In that meeting, we introduced Mr.Hayashita, Univiersity President of Sophia University to Mr.Museveni.

    We also support for them to discuss interaction with both countries.

  • Mr.Umeda, our Executive Director, had a toast speech in "The 54th Independence Commemorative Reception of the Republic of Uganda" on October 9th, 2016.
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